I feel like I’ve died already.

And the zombie’s getting fat, so he’s cutting out cows and gluten. In the meantime, this blog is yet another one of those get-well-self things and we invite you along for the ride. The past five books have been adventures to say the least so believe me when I say it’s kinda worth it to sit and watch.

Expect fiction, philosophy, and fine art. Elsewhere. Somewhere with deadlines and sober people. This is the fourth site of an expert degenerate who is by no means professional, a beater de las guerras psiquicas, a young man who once referred to himself as Son Phoenix / Daemon Orpheus / El Diablo Maestro; a Lv. 22 Oneironaut on a mission from god…

Truth be told, I’m like, 87.

[the only guy in space plays guitar]

[trying to create without a bong sucks]

[ghost archives]